From Failure to Freedom

I grew up in a military family and spent most of my childhood in Oklahoma (although my parents are from Wisconsin and we’ve always called Wisconsin home). After high school I tried to start college right away, but I didn’t have the finances or the discipline yet. In 2001 I swore in to the Oklahoma Army National Guard seeking college money and structure. I certainly found both, but also prematurely started a family without planning on it. I would spend the next decade in and out of school due to getting married, having kids, deploying, divorcing, and wasting time and money as if I had an infinite amount of both. One step forward for me was always an immediate two steps back.

In 2012 I turned things around. I met and fell in love with someone who courageously followed me across the country to Wisconsin for a new beginning. She and I had two kids of our own and grew our blended, challenging, non-traditional family. I transferred to Wisconsin through my civilian job to get to what I always considered home, but after encountering a toxic boss and work hours that were unfair to my family, I made a big time job change and also resurrected my military career which had been in limbo due to an illness (ulcerative colitis) that I got while deployed in Iraq.

Now, against all odds, newly energized and inspired, I find myself living in God’s country. I am on a mission, and I’ve made it a point to start writing again. My purpose is to relate-to, educate, and help anyone I can possibly reach through information-sharing and my specialty…story-telling. I fail and you learn! I spend my work days at Marten Transport LTD. and also as a Transportation and Logistics Soldier in the Wisconsin Army National Guard. I have a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. It only took me 17 yeears to graduate college…talk about adversity! Now I write this blog and will soon be launching a podcast called Civil War. It is my intention to take all my experiences, screw-ups, and success stories and make them into lessons for those willing to partake.

I am far from being the smartest or richest man on Earth. However, that’s what should make you trust me. I’m imperfect, and chances are, I’ve been through whatever it is that you might need help with. Let me tell you all the Duff I know about life. It’s story time.