Podcast Update

I’m getting much closer to getting the inaugural episode recorded.

There have been several challenges.

I did not have all the equipment I needed. I still don’t, but my new computer is getting a new hard drive and a microphone is soon on the way.

I’m debating between two different platforms right now, Buzzsprout was my first choice, but I think Anchor might be better. My brother and I recorded funny spoofs around a fire while having some beers – Anchor is in the lead, but I can’t fully test both until I have all the pieces here in my studio.

The setup might change too; so what I’ve posted about the podcast in the past might not be very accurate anymore. I might switch to more storytelling and less “debate” – I have polls out on my Twitter feed trying to help me decide on my ultimate direction.

Lastly, my goal is to have an inaugural episode recorded and published before April 18th.

Stay tuned by subscribing, and as always, please share my site with your buddies. Let’s grow the family.



Husband, dad, soldier, veteran, transportation manager, musician, and now a blogger and podcast host...sharing stories, experiences, and debates.

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