How Grant Sabatier and Liz Weston Led Me to Start this Blog

It’s funny how things happen sometimes. About 6 weeks ago I went to the public library here in Eau Claire, Wisconsin to see if I could check out the same book my son had left at school so that he could finish his assigned work. Oddly enough, the library only had a copy at a sister location. However, there was a fund raiser downstairs at which the library was selling some old books. I bought some at a huge discount for my youngest children, and before I knew it I was inside checking out audio books.

That’s the day I started listening to Liz Weston’s book, The 10 Commandments of Money. I didn’t become obsessed, but I became interested in household finances in a new way. I was interested enough in the book that after finishing it I decided to listen to another one about money. Grant Sabatier’s book, Financial Freedom, was my next binge. I have a 30-minute-drive to and from work, which means for the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve been spending at least an hour a day listening to books about finances, investing, saving, spending…and what Grant Sabatier calls “side hustles”.

Call it motivation…call it newfound ambition…call it what you want; the idea of a side hustle was music to my ears for one particular reason. I could make money doing something I liked to do. That seems impossible. My transportation-manager-job I have now isn’t terrible…I don’t hate it. To say it’s my passion though would be inaccurate. I’ve always had a soft spot for writing. Plus, since I’m essentially interested in everything, I’ve decided to not only launch this blog, but a podcast too. It’s exciting – and the thought of making one red cent off it makes me smile. I never thought it was possible to work and make money – and all the while be happy too.

So, I should tell my son thanks for leaving his book at school. Had he been more responsible, I would have never ended up at the library – and had that first domino never fallen, I probably would not be writing this right now. Here’s to dreams coming true! If you’re reading this, I hope it’s the beginning of a long relationship.



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